Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Las Vegas vacation and a few other pictures!

This was a funny looking doll with a wig on it.

Stopped at Grandma's house in Mesquite.

Play yard at the Moyes home

We went to breakfast at the lds church on the 4th and a lady came

and did a bird show with some of her birds that did different tricks

this bird took money and put it in the bucket --the money went toward a charity.

This was a cool looking bird can't remember the kind though.

she pretended to shoot this parrot and it played dead.

We went to a baseball game and got rained out but they did the fireworks

they were 100 percent better than St george. This was one

of the greatest fireworks show I have ever been to.

At the are 51 baseball game--we got rained out

4th of July we stayed home and lit off our own fireworks!

This is how happy we were at the end of our vacation!

We had a lot of fun!

Last stop to eat was Palace station

Jacob loved the trains

I took quite a bit of pictures driving the strip
Several years ago bruce and I stayed in the Luxor.

Traffic was horrible!

Bruce getting mad at traffic. At least he isn't using his other finger!

New York, New York!

These were air conditioners for 1 building.

cool sculpture

We walked for miles.

neat car

whirl wind water


some of these fish were ginormous at the Bellagio!

Bellagio gardens were amazing

The birds are made out of seeds

This foutain would jump water it was cool!

The home we stayed at--Moyes in Henderson

Their dog named Jazzy--super nice

Their cousin Robert-he is very tall for only 2 and 1/2

cool looking chairs in their basement

Becca wants one of these chairs in her room.

They have a pool this night when we got in it was over 90 degrees in the pool!

Front of their home

Back of their home--6 bedrooms 5 bath and we thank them for letting us stay there.

Circus circus adventure dome!


adventure dome--we saw spongebob in 4d

I liked it till rats crawled across my feet.


splash ride

this boat that rocked made me extremely ill

airplane ride

frog hopper sariah went on all by herself she is the 4th one from the left

I thought she was going to cry but by the end of the ride she was laughing.

outside the adventure dome

Circus Circus

Railroad casino


more of the railroad pass casino

Picture taken at the hoover dam professionally,

it wasn't this blurry I took a picture of the picture-

sorry to lazy to scan it in.

I never realized how thick the base of the hoover dam was

driving across the new bridge--funny story--

We went to the dam first and the kids looked up and saw

the bridge and the kids told their dad not to go over it. You cannot see the canyon

when you drive over, because of the cement barriers being so tall.

I told Bruce not to tell them and we went and drove over it,

about halfway over we told them we were on top of the bridge, and they

screamed but only because we told them.

pictures of the dam

cement buckets they used with a crane to dump all the cement.

power plant inside the dam

kids were scared to look down at the dam as was I.

Inside the dam

mural of the dam

going down to the visitor center. The kids

loved the escalators.

Pictures do not do this bridge justice--it is massive.

We loved our vacation!

These next pictures are just random

This little girl at the splashpad was so cute I had to take her pictures

with friends and family at the slpashpad

going to church

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